Paint Pal | Face Painting Brush | Beautiful Butterfly - 3/8" Angle

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by Silly Farm Supplies Inc | Product Code: SFB117

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What materials are used in this brush?

Paint Pal Brushes are made with white synthetic bristles and have pink and silver painted wooden handles. This brush has a seamless nickel plated ferrule.

What are the dimensions?

This brush is 7 1/2" long from tip to end. The base of the bristles is approximately a little less than 3/8" in a diameter and the bristles are 5/16" long at the shortest and 7/16" at the longest.

How to use?

Get your brush wet, wipe the end of it against the edge of your water container, rub against your dry cake until you create a creamy consistency and then paint on the face/body.

What is this brush best for?

This Beautiful Butterfly Brush created by face painter Cameron Garrett is great for creating one stroke butterfly designs as it allows for great detail and beautiful scallop strokes.

What else should I know?

Because the brushes are made from synthetic bristles, no animals were harmed for the production of these brushes.

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