Global Colours | Face Painting Brush - Springback Brush by Julie Tattam - Medium Dagger

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by Global Body Art | Product Code: GBAB118

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What are the dimensions of the Medium Dagger Springback Brush by Julie Tattam?

Brush Length: 7 1/2 in.
Bristle Length: 3/4
Brush Width at base of bristles:  in.

What are the materials used to make Global Brushes?

Global's Synthetic Brushes are made with beautiful teal acrylic handles and premium White Tacklon springback bristles. No animals were harmed in the making of these vegan face painting brushes.

What is the Global Medium Dagger brush best for?

The Medium Dagger brush, designed by Juile Tattam, is designed for making long thin lines when you hold the brush like a knife, and thin to thick strokes when you twist it. You can make beautiful petals, leaves, wavy grasses and palms with this brush.   You are going to love the precision that you can attain with this professional  Global face painting brush. 

What else should I know about Global Body Art's Teal Brushes?

Global Body Arts new line of face painting brushes were designed by award winning face and body painter, Julie Tattam. These acrylic handles won't chip or fade like painted wooden handled brushes can, they are easy to clean and will make your kit look professional. Clean with soap and warm water. Rinse with cold water. To maintain a tight fit of the head of the brush on the handle, do not clean with alcohol or put in boiling water. All Global packaging is recyclable. 











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