Superstar Face Paints - Shimmer 16gr and 45gr Colors

Superstar face and body painting shimmer colors are smooth and shimmery. Perfect for creating pearly and metallic looking and blending in colors like a pro. Superstar offers a great range of shimmer colors going from soft pastel colors to bold and metallic ones, including some duo tone pearls. Superstar is perfume free and complies with EU and USA FDA regulations for makeup. If you have not yet, you need to try Superstar Ziva Blue and Golden Green Shimmers, they are unique dual tone shimmers that will blow your mind.
Don't miss your chance to try on one of the best professional face painting brands available today!

Please Note:The Superstar containers are very fragile! We recommend that you purchase Shipping insurance to protect the value of your order in case there is any damage to your cakes. Please store and transport your cakes with care.

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