TAG Body Art

Tag Body Art Face Paint

TAG Body Art, based in Australia, is one of the most trusted names in the industry and is constantly creating new regular, pearl and neon colors, along with multicolored cakes and pallets.

In 2011 Jest Paint introduced the U.S. market to a new breed of face painting cakes: TAG Body Art 2-color split cakes, DUO rainbow cakes, and single color cakes in the rectangular 50 gram containers. These innovative cakes help make colorful face painting easy and fun, and they fit perfectly in your kits. Jest Paint also has an exclusive line of TAG 1-strokes and 50 gram rainbow cakes too, so you have more great combos to choose from.

Some of our favorite TAG body paints include their pearl colors which are very opaque and deliver a strong shimmering effect that you might be looking for. TAG regular and pearl body paints are made from FDA compliant ingredients so you can trust the safety of these products. Shop now and create the bright, shimmering, rainbow effects you’ve always wanted! You might also like their neon paints for black light special effects and their beautiful face paints in

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