VIBE Water Based Airbrush Paint - Flourescent Colors UV/Neon

European Body Art created Vibe UV/ Neon Body Paints for painters who want bold colors for their airbrush art work. Vibe's black light reactive pigments are long lasting but are also easy on the skin because you can apply them at 10psi (and as low as 7psi) and they are easy to remove at the end of the day with soap and water. Vibe Fluorescent colors contain shellac, so they are not a Vegan paint. It is gluten, paraben, mica, alcohol, solvent and silicon free. We have 1 ounce and 4 ounce sizes available in a wide variety of Vibe water based airbrush paint colors. 

ATTENTION!  VIBE was redeveloped in October 2019 and is now called VODA! VODA is just like VIBE, but better because it has less issues with thickening and clogging. If the item names says VODA (VIBE) you are getting the new formula.

WARNING:  Please note, purple, blue, fluorescent pink, green and magenta contain FDA approved colorants that may temporarily stain the skin. Before the application of any of these colors, it is recommended to use a base color such as white. 

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