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Body Glitter, Tattoo Stencils, And Application Glue

You can never have too much glitter! Body glitter adds sparkle and fun to any look and is the easiest way to delight the kids. Jest Paint is committed to bringing you the best products from glitter face paint kits for beginners to bulk body glitter to last a professional throughout a busy face painting season. Whether you are a mom looking to create a little backyard fun for a birthday or a professional face painter looking for glitter that can hold up for big events, we have the perfect glitter face paint to meet your needs. Opaque colors are popular for creating bold glitter tattoos, while iridescent or sheer glitter is ideal to create uniform sparkle without covering up your designs.Sheer glitter reflects the colors of you face paint designs, for a magical effect!

Our glitter tattoo stencils allow you to create complex looks and patterns with ease. All of the brands of glitter we carry are cosmetic grade, so they are perfect for face painting and glitter tattoos. We also sell skin safe body glue and tools, so Jest Paint is your one stop shop for great body glitter art supplies. Shop our selection today!