Amerikan Body Art - Glitter Tattoo Body Glue - 10ml Lip Gloss Tube #1

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by Amerikan Body Art | Product Code: ABABG100
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  • Amerikan Body Art Glue is made of Prosaide glue, perfect for glitter tattoos.
  • The easy lip gloss applicator will help you apply a thin layer of glue to the open areas in your glitter tattoo stencils.
  • Cosmetic Grade Acrylic Adhesive.
  • Latex Free
  • Manufacturer suggests that you can get about 75 tattoos from this vial, and they will last anywhere from 3 to 5 days on the skin.
  • May last longer if taken good care of by avoiding soap, friction, lotion and oils.
  • Remove with rubbing alcohol or oil.
  • As of right now they have a 1 year best by date from the time they were manufactured. That doesn't mean they will go bad after that time, but the manufacturer can only guarantee that they will be good for 1 year from production date.

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