Ben Nye CREME Makeup Palette - 6 Color Primary Palette

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by Ben Nye | Product Code: BNCP100

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What is included in this product?
This Ben Nye palette contains 6 small cakes of creme based makeup, 28 grams total. This set also comes with a small flat paint brush.
Colors Included: RCL-1 White, RCR-01, RCL-19 Blue, RCL-5 Yellow , RCL-211 Kelly Green, RCL-29 Black.

What are the dimensions of this product?
The case is approximately . Each container is approximately . There are 4.6 grams of paint in each container. The containers are removable to use separately and to make cleaning the palette easier. The case is 8 3/4" long.

How to apply and remove the paint?
Since this is a creme based product you only need to load it with a dry applicator, like a sponge or brush to apply. Do not use water. For sponging, tap on a base with a sponge, adding more paint as needed to get a solid coverage. You will need to set your designs with setting powder so that it will not smudge. You can use Mehron Ultra Fine Setting Powder to ensure a long lasting design. Creme based paints are not the best for creating detailed linework. We recommend using water or alcohol based cakes for line work on top of a creme based base, after you set the base with powder. Ben Nye Magicakes would be a good choice for the line work, since they tend to sweat off less that other waterbased paints.
You can remove this creme makeup with soap and water, or an oil based cleaner or baby oil.

What is this product best for?
The Ben Nye Primary Palette is perfect for cosplay artists who want a product that can be set with powder for long lasting wear. The colors can be mixed to create many other colors that you may need like pink, orange, green or purple. Creme colors are very popular within theater departments for character makeups and fantasy faces. Clowns use creme make up to create their clown faces, since the make up is more sweat resistant after set with powder. Halloween lovers can use this palette to create any look they need. The smooth consistency is perfect for flawless blending, which also makes it a favorite for makeup artists in the beauty industry.

What else should I know?
Ben Nye Makeup is a high quality makeup that only contains ingredients that are compliant with the FDA for cosmetics. Ben Nye is a family run business that has been in our industry for over 50 years. It is based in Los Angeles where nearly all of their cosmetics are manufactured.

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