Dazzle Bling Gem Clusters | Fancy Unicorn Bling (5 Pieces)

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by Dazzle Bling - Nicole Sanders | Product Code: DBGC108

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Dazzle Bling Gem Clusters

What are Dazzle Bling Gem Clusters best for?

Dazzle Bling are handmade gem clusters by Nicole Sanders! These gem clusters are one of a kind and absolutely beautiful! This Gem Cluster pack is perfect for those who love to add gems and sparkle to their face painting designs! This pack is perfect for unicorn lovers! The little horn makes a great addition to any face painting design!

Please note, since these clusters are handmade, the gems may have slight differences in color or shade and the styles may vary slightly than what is pictured, but the general look remains the same for each batch.

How to apply and remove?

Dazzle Bling are not self-adhesive so you will need to use body glue to apply the gem clusters to the skin. The body glue and gem clusters can be removed with warm water and soap or alcohol.

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