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Enjoy the amazing opportunity of taking live face painting classes with Anna Wilinski, the owner and founder of JestPaint.com.

Anna has been face painting for 30 years and has been a featured instructor in several international conventions, including:
FABAIC                                                                                                                        Living Canvas - San Jose
St Louis Face and Body Art Convention
International Face Painting School Online Summits

Anna has been teaching at conventions and online through her YouTube channel as well as on Facebook and Instagram doing live streaming for over 10 years and her students have always left amazing reviews after her classes.

These classes are 100% managed by you, the student. You get to choose what you would like to focus on, be it learning the basics of face painting, learning new tricks, getting to know stencils or different specialty brushes, learning a specific design or technique, getting business advice, etc. You have steering wheel and Anna will guide you through. 

If you want a more structured approach because this is your first time ever picking up a brush, Anna can offer you that as well. She has a study plan written down to make sure beginners can get all the knowledge they need to get going.

This is a very unique opportunity that has never been offered before. You get to take a face painting class with Anna, you will be her only student, you will be able to ask questions, get feedback and learn!

We are also working on providing students with a link to the recorded class so that you can re visit your class as many times as needed to go over what you have learned so far.

How do I Book a Face Painting Class with Anna Wilinski?

Book your first one hour class with Anna now! Once you have made your payment we will send you an e-mail to work out a time and get your class on the calendar. If you don't have face paints yet we will give you a link to a suggested beginner's face painting kit that you can get before your first class.

Once you have completed your first class you will have the option of buying and booking new classes as needed, according to your own schedule. No rush, no monthly commitments, just pay as you go. We know people are busy and they need a flexible schedule that allows them to take full advantage of the money they invest in face paint education and classes.

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