Face Painting With Clash

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This book was written by Anna Wilinski (AKA Clash the Clown) to help those that are new to using small rainbow cakes. Follow Clash's simple step-by-step instructions and create fast designs that will be sure to bring smiles to those in your face paint chair! It is easy to make variations of these designs with different rainbow cake combos, and a little creativity.

Anna used the Mini Neon Nights Rainbow cake and the Mini Green Carpet from Diamond FX. You can now get them in a
small 30 gram cakes that are easier to use and will last a lot longer.

15 step-by-step designs for boys and girls with real photographs and detailed instructions for each step!
Designs in book: Full Face Cat and Tiger, Dinosaur, Snake Eye Mask, Butterfly Eye Mask, Princess Crown. Cheek art designs includes, Dolphin, Flower, Butterfly, Horse, Soccer Ball with Flames, Peace Sign, Cobra, Dragon, and Rainbow with Heart.

"I got your book this morning in the mail.
I looked through it and I LOVE it! I like the way you show the tools and the steps in how to use them. I love the butterfly eyes and the tiger. The dolphin step-by-step is something I can even follow...lol. I know from taking your classes, that you're very good at breaking down each design so we can see exactly how to do them and that technique follows over into your book.
Amazing designs. Amazing clarity in the pictures AND the instructions as well."

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