Jest Design It Water Activated Practice Vinyl Cloth

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by Jest Paint Store | Product Code: JDPS101

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Jest Design it Water Activated Practice Vinyl Cloths were created by JestPaint with the frugal and beginner face painter in mind.

When using this cloth all you need is water and a brush, no paint. You can use your water as your paint, the design will stay on the sheet for a few minutes before drying out (the more water you use the longer it will stay). This is ideal for practicing your teardrops and swirls. The cloth can be used many many times.

Do not use any other medium other than clean water on this cloth. Do not get grease on the surface. Over time it might develop some grey marks, to remove them get the cloth completely soaked and let dry. This product is made from Vinyl, exposure to heat will damage it.
If by any chance the cloth gets stained with face paint it might not come off, but to remove it just run water over it, do not apply any friction or rub against it neither try using soap or any other cleaners or it will be damaged.

The cloth is approximately 27" by 36", currently DOUBLE THE NORMAL SIZE. The design printed on it is resistant to water.

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