Mehron INtense Pressed Powder Pigments - WIND

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Mehron’s INtense PRO™ Pressed Pigments are long-lasting matte finish shadows. Palette contains 8 colors, 3 grams each. It also includes 1 Paradise Brush.
This palette contains 8 colors, 3grams each. It also includes 1 Paradise Brush. The mirrored case does not open flat. In order to get a strong lasting coverage is best to use a primer on the face before applying the powders.

According to Mehron, the Intense Powders are pure pigments, meaning that they are very bright, but also very fragile because they do not have all the fillers to make them hold together like a regular pressed eyeshadow. They recommend repressing your powders if they break, or putting them in a small container with a lid and using them as loose powders.

The INtense Wind Palette includes the colors: Hurricane Blue, Island Blue, Palm, Turbulent, Tornado, Solar Wind, Ocean Breeze, and Tropical Storm

Please be aware that powder based paints are much more fragile than regular face paints with a glycerin and/or wax base. You must take special care when transporting your powders to events, and when loading them onto your applicators.
Why are they fragile? In order to have a powder paint that will load easily and quickly it needs to be somewhat loose so that the powder will break up and end up on your applicator.

What if they arrive damaged?
We also strongly recommend adding shipping insurance to your order if it includes powder paints because Jest Paint is not responsible for damage that occurs to your products after they leave our store.

Can I fix them?
There are two great options for repairing your powders, so e-mail us if they incur any damage.

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