Nat's Fancy Faces | Face Painting Brush -Gold Edition Blend Set with Mini Kabuki and Perfect Blender

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What materials are used in Nat's Gold Edition Blender and Kabuki brushes?

Nat's Gold Edition Mini Kabuki Brush is made with black and white blended synthetic bristles and Nat's Perfect Blender Brush is made from Pony hair. These brushes have a seamless nickel plated ferrules and have black painted wooden handles with the tips dipped in gold paint. 

What are the dimensions of these brushes?

Both brushes are 6.5 " tall with 1/2" long bristles. Both brushes are also about 1/2" wide in the bristles zone.

How to use your Nat's Gold Edition brushes?

Get your brush wet and swipe the brush back and forth on you face paint cake to load the bristles with face paint. Apply to skin and re-load brush if needed. For dry soft blending only damped your brush a tiny bit and drag the color gently on top of other colors. You can also use these with dry powders for bold applications and subtle blending. 

What are these brushes best for?

Face Painter, Natalee Davies, created this blend set for artist you love to have smooth transitions and gentle blends around the eyes. These brushes will help you blend around the eyes, nose etc and to merge two colors together flawlessly. Drag in your outline color into your butterfly wings for a magical wispy look.  These are also great brushes for stenciling! 

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