Olga Murasev's International Face Painting School

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The International Face Painting School is the ultimate online face painting course to get pro skills without confusion.

This is a unique system that will carry you from the very basics, helping you to understand the specifics of different types of tools, to nailing face painting techniques and learning how to create balanced designs that will blow your customer’s mind! Here you will learn all about composition and how to create your own original face painting designs.

There are no divisions for beginners and experienced face painters here. No matter how many years you have been face painting, you will find plenty of useful information here and will sharpen your skills to reach the peak of your professionalism.

There are no subscriptions here. Once you purchase the Course, it is yours forever. All you need is a device and internet to access it, anywhere in the world at any convenient time 24/7.

There are no time limits. You can move at your own pace and perform the tasks whenever you can.

You will always get help and support here by joining the private School group and webinars where all your questions can be discussed.

Last but not least, Elite members benefit of individual tutoring with the author of the Course. Olga Murasev will guide you through the entire training, evaluating your each step and giving you valuable feedback on how to fix or avoid your own mistakes.

There is no risk — if you are not satisfied with the results, you have a 100% money back guarantee.

Don’t waste your time! Invest in the most effective training, tested by dozens of students from all over the world, that have already built their successful face painting careers. Enroll now!

Disclosure: Jest Paint only serves as an advertiser for The International face Painting School; any questions you might have regarding the School or related to your Subscription needs to be directed to the School using their website. Jest Paint is not responsible in any ways for your interactions or transactions with the International Face Painting School.

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