One-Touch Dispensing Pump Bottle for Water or Alcohol

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by Jest Paint Accessories QX | Product Code: QX113

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This product is a great tool for use with alcohol activated paints! The natural polypropylene 5.5 oz. bottle has a tight seal locking flip top cap with a one touch press down dispenser. You can also use this bottle to dampen your sponges or brushes with clean water when starting a design. 
One-Touch Dispensing Bottle is not intended for long term storage since it is not guaranteed to be an airtight container. 
You can use this bottle to improve your sanitation efforts due to the Covid-19 coronavirus spread and all other germs floating around.  Rinse  your brushes in water and then sanitize your brushes with at least 60% alcohol. Let them air dry completely before using them again. 
The bottle is 4.25 tall and 2.25 wide. 

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