Pet Portraits - Custom Watercolor Art by Anna Wilinski (High Res Digital File)

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About the Artist

Anna Wilnski water color

Hello! I am Anna Wilinski, founder of Jest Paint and a professional face and body artist from Kalamazoo, Michigan. Over the past 30 years I have enjoyed painting people, canvases, greeting cards, indoor murals and furniture for others. I love to paint and have been teaching the art form around the world at conventions, workshops and online. I currently live in Argentina and operate my online face painting supply store remotely with my husband. Leaving Michigan and moving to a new country meant starting over with new friends. Luckily I have been making amazing connections with my new neighbors in out apartment complex because of my rescued street dog, Olaf. I love that dogs get you out there and give you great opportunities to talk with other pet owners. This year I started painting some of the pups in our apartment complex and surprising their owners with the paintings.  These puppy portraits have been bringing so much joy that I knew I had to offer them to more pet owners around the world. Read below to see how you can get a special pet of your choice transformed into a work of art!

What types of animals do you paint?

I have a lot of experience painting animals, and as long as you provide me with a good quality photo I can paint any type of animal you wish! It might not even be your pet, but that of a friend or family member or an animal that you or someone else you know loves, like a giraffe, turtle, tiger etc. Please let me know what color palette you like the most, from neons, to monotones, to a more realistic match in colors. These pet portraits make great gifts for someone you love.

 Amparo poodle pet painting

How long does it take to get a pet portrait painted?

Usually less than a week, but this depends on the number of pets I have lined up to paint. Send me an email at before placing you order if you will need your portrait done in less than two weeks. I will do my best to get all paintings done in a timely fashion,filled with details and bursting with color!  

      Keon Annie Kinder Clown

Can I have the original watercolor painting shipped to me?

Since I am in Argentina right now and international shipping is not reliable and very expensive from here, I will only be able to email you files of the final work of art. If you really want the original painting I can get a quote for the shipping, but in general a sturdy envelope costs $80 to ship via FED EX from Argentina, plus a $10 handling fee. All other methods of shipping may result in a 2 month delay or lost or damaged package, so FED EX is the best option.  


Bentley Bernese Mountain Dog


Your support by purchasing a custom watercolor painting gone digital is greatly appreciated and will help us keep our doors open while we ride the wave due to the effects odd Covid-19. We have a lot of dreams for Jest Paint and have worked so hard to grow and be there for the face painting community with best customer service and tons of free information to help face painters run their businesses successfully and improve their skills, and we really don't want to see all of this hard work come to an end. We really appreciate your support and we hope that you are also finding creative ways to ride this wave until we can all be out there face painting again! 


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