Practice Mat - Set of 2

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by Whole Sale in Motion | Product Code: CM100
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These are food grade plastic mats. They are great for practicing since they are easy to wash and they provide a large surface.
The mats are 15" by 12" and they can easily be rolled up for storage.
They will come rolled or folded inside your package, so they might have a few curls that you can flatten out with a heavy book. You might want to cut each mat in half to make them easier to fit in your sink to wash.
One of the surfaces of the mat is rugged, which helps hold the paint better and get a more skin like surface. These are not as good as the printed mats since they don't hold the paint as well and they are not as sturdy, but they are a more affordable option if you are just looking into just trying to see if you like painting on mats.

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