ProAiir | ProLong Barrier Sealer /Extender/Mixing Liquid - GLOSS FINISH 4 oz ( includes dropper and spray cap )

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by ShowOffs Body Art | Product Code: SOBAOT106
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Prolong GLOSS Spray is like four products in one! This product is used to extend the durability of your designs created with ProAiir Hybrid or ProAiir Ink makeup. It can be applied through a special  spray nozzle cap, by airbrush PSI 35, or by dabbing on lightly with a soft sponge. Please allow spray to dry before touching. You can apply it below and above Hybrids, INKS, Solids, and water based makeup. Apply setting powder for best durability. 
The Glossy Feature is perfect for keeping metallic looking body paint designs shiny, or to get that liquid latex look over solid colors like black or red. 
Prolong is a product that can be poured into makeup as well (using the dropper cap) to thin it out for easier use in the air brush if the paint starts to thicken. Use Prolong to activate your Proaiir Solids or to thin your DIPS  or other Proaiir liquid paints. 
To Remove: Use liquid soap first and then rinse with water. 

THIS ITEM CAN ONLY BE SHIPPED WITHIN THE USA AND CAN'T BE SHIPPED TO APO/FPO/DPO. In order for your package to be shipped using air mail, the package can not be over 25lbs and it can't have more than 48 Fl Oz of Alcohol Based products. If these conditions are not met, we will contact you to arrange a different shipping method.

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