ProAiir Waterproof Hybrid Makeup Thinner - 1 oz

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by ShowOffs Body Art | Product Code: SOBAOT100
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ProAiir Makeup Thinner is used to clean airbrushes and stencils. It can also be used to thin ProAiir Hybrid Makeup and DIPS if it thickens due to extremely warm or dry weather conditions. Just add one drop at a time until you have the consistency you are looking for. The main ingredient of this is the cosmetic blend SSD40 Alcohol. Thinning the makeup also thins its density, so if you want to keep the paints opaque use a couple drops of Prolong instead.

Please note: ProAiir Makeup Thinner is NOT to be used with ProAiir INK products.
ProAiir Ink is a long lasting alcohol based airbrush paint.  This is only for HYBRID paints, including DIPS. 

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