Qualatex Balloons - 260Q - CHARACTER Assortment - 100ct

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by Qualatex Balloons | Product Code: QT102
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What are the dimensions of Qualatex 260 CHARACTER assortment animal balloons?

Qualatex 260s are approximately 2” wide by 60” long when fully inflated.

What Colors are Included in the 100 count Qualatex CHARACTER 260Q Balloon Assortment?

The Qualatex CHARACTER assortment includes a variety of 6 different colors: White, Blush, Mocha Brown, Chocolate Brown, Gray, and Onyx Black

What is the Qualatex CHARACTER Assortment best for?

Qualatex balloons are high quality professional grade twisting balloons for amazing balloon sculptures. The 260Q CHARACTER Assortment has 6 different colors that are perfect for creating balloon tree trunks, cars, swords, animals and human characters. Qualatex 260s have a medium diameter, making them perfect for medium sized balloon creations. We recommend you accessorize the Qualatex POPULAR 260’s with a 160 balloon to make your creations as abstract and original as possible.

How do you inflate and twist animal balloon sculptures?

You will need to use a double action hand pump to inflate 260 balloons. We recommend the Qualatex Double Action Pump for inflating these balloons because they have a large opening, perfect for inflating these balloons. Before inflating, give your balloon a quick stretch and then carefully insert the tip of the pump into the hole and pull the rim of the balloon up the nozzle so that it doesn't slip off. Pinch the nozzle, securing the balloon to the pump and pump up the balloon. Carefully pull off the tip and tie a knot. Do not inflate your balloons too tightly or they will easily pop. Instead "burp" your balloon a little so that it is the right length for tying and twisting your creation. If you plan on making a lot of twist you will need to release a lot more air from your balloon. There are tons of instructional videos on Youtube that you can watch and learn to makes all sorts of cool balloon creations!

What else should I know about Qualatex Balloons?

Qualatex has been a leader in the balloon industry for over 100 years. Qualatex twisting balloons are made in the USA and Canada.  Their balloons are made of latex, so those with latex allergies should avoid contact with them. Make sure to store your balloons in a cool and dry place. Avoid leaving them in the direct sunlight or hot car or freezing conditions.

CHOKING HAZARD—Children under 8 years can choke or suffocate on uninflated balloons or broken balloons. Adult supervision required.










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