Splash Face Painting Sponges by Jest Paint - HIGH DENSITY | DROPLET pack of 6

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by Jest Paint Sponges and Inserts | Product Code: JPSSHD103
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The Splash Droplet Face Painting Sponge is approximately 3" tall from base to tip and 1 1/2" in diameter on its widest area. It is made from an open-cell polyether-based polyurethane foam.
This pack contains 6 droplet sponges.

Use the base of your sponge to apply a smooth single color or load from a rainbow cake onto the face. You can use a clean area of the sponge to pat the area where the 2 different colors meet to create an even better blending effect.
Use the tip of your sponge to get into smaller areas of the face like the eye lid. You can also use the tip of your sponge to smooth out the edges of your base work and give them a more defined look. The tip can also be used to make spheres, just by loading it, pressing it to the face and spinning it. Depending on the pressure, you can make a variety of size dots and spheres. 

How to clean the Splash Sponge- Droplet?

Unlike lighter colored sponges, the Droplet Sponge is black, which makes them really easy to wash off since they do not show any stains. Just use gentle soap and warm water to wash them off and let them air dry completely before storing them.

What is the material of the Droplet Sponge?

The Droplet Face Painting Sponge is made out of the same foam used for regular face painting sponges. These sponges are specially designed for face painting. Although the Droplet Splash Sponge looks like a makeup sponge, it is not! It is specially designed for water based face paints and has a similar material to the rest of our Splash face painting sponges. The pores are very small and the foam is fairly firm. Texture wise they are firm and they are very soft on the skin.

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