Tulip Dimensional Fabric Paint | Bling Builder - Slick True Red 1.25oz - DISCONTINUE

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What are the dimensions of this Bling Builder product?

The size of this bottle of Tulip dimensional fabric paint is 4 and 7/8" tall and 3/4" thick. It contains 1.25 ounces of paint..

How to apply this Bling Builder product?

Tulip Dimensional Fabric paint is perfect for making your own magical bling clusters at home.  This is not safe to apply wet to the skin, it is for creating a base to hold gems for pre-made bling clusters, that you attach to the skin after it has properly cured. Apply this paint on top of Zip Lock Bags, wax paper or non-stick, thin page protectors. Since some page protectors do not release the paint, make sure to do a sample test on whatever surface you decide to use to make sure that the paint peels off easily after it dries. You can download or create a template for building bling online. This helps with symmetry and keeping the size consistent.  Once you have applied the Tulip paint in the shape you want to build your cluster, let it set a couple of minutes so that it is easier to set the gems on top. Press them slightly into the paint, so that it covers the edges of the gem, but there is still enough paint underneath the gems to have a solid base.  You can also sprinkle glitter on top of the wet paint to add some sparkle. Once you have created your clusters, let them dry for 48 hours.  Once the fabric paint is dry you can peel it off and attach it to the skin using a skin safe adhesive (same as glitter tattoo glue). Never apply the product directly on to the skin before it is dry since it can cause irritation. Some people apply a layer of liquid band aid to the back of their gem clusters to create a skin safe barrier between the fabric paint and the skin. Others choose to add a layer of medical tape to the back of the clusters which works both as a barrier and as the adhesive to glue to the cluster on to the skin. There are many useful youtube videos and facebook groups that can help you get started building bling today!

What is TULIP Dimensional Fabric Paint best for?

Tulip Dimensional fabric paint in True Red is great for creating Christmas themed gem clusters. Combine it with colored gems for a perfect match and enhance all of your face painting designs. These gem clusters can be used as center pieces or near the corner of the eye as stand alone decorations, or as parts of a bigger fancier design. You can even sell them at festivals for people to use and re use as many times as they want. Bling can also be used to make the birthday kid feel special.

What else should I know about TULIP Dimensional fabric paint?

Because this product was designed for fabrics and not the skin, it can not be applied to the skin when wet. Once dry it is safe to be in contact with the skin, but you can create a safety barrier using medical tape, liquid band-aid or skin safe adhesive (glitter tattoo glue) if you are concerned. Once that barrier is applied, the only thing in contact with the skin will be the skin safe material.

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