VIVID Glitter | GLEAM Glitter Cream | Large ANGELIC ICE (25gr)

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by VIVID Glitter | Product Code: VGGC211

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What are the dimensions of the GLEAM Vivid Glitter jars?

This large glitter jar is 1 15/16" in diameter and a height of 1 1/4".  Gleam is packed in a standard 30gr jar with a Net Weight of 20-25 grams per jar depending on the different densities of each glitter color. Because of the variation, these glitters have a price that is established by volume, not by weight. These jars are also stack-able which is a great feature for storage and transportation of your glitter jars. The jars have a screw on lid for stacking purposes. THEY ARE FRAGILE, SO HANDLE WITH CARE. Make sure glitter is not in the area where you screw on the lid because this can cause the container to break over time.

What is VIVID Angelic Ice Chunky Glitter Creme best for?

GLEAM Glitter Cream is great for hair and body to add a touch of eye-catching bling! The Angelic Ice polyester glitter blend is a frosted blue with hints of silver! This is perfect for quick winter wonderland designs or even aquatic life designs! You can streak it in the hair and on the body. The Large jar is great for professional face and body painters who want to cover a lot of faces.

How to apply and remove VIVID Gleam Glitter Cremes?

Vivid GLEAM Glitter Cremes can be applied on top of dry face paint, clean skin, make up and hair. The waxy balm nature of the product adheres the chunky glitter with out the need of adding water or glue to make the glitter stick. Use a silicon applicator to scoop and spread the Glitter Creme where you want. This cosmetic glitter balm can be loosened from the skin or hair with soap, and then rinsed away with water. To avoid rinsing glitter down the sink, wipe the creme off with a paper towel and throw away. Contains coconut oil. 

How to store VIVID Gleam Glitter Cremes?

GLEAM is very stable in hot, cold, humid or dry weather conditions, but should be stored up-right during the warm months, in case you leave your kit in a super hot car and the wax melts. It could leak out of the container if it is not sealed tightly. It may soften in extreme heat or harden if left in freezing conditions. The best part is that GLEAM will not dry out like typical water based glitter gels do. 

What else should I know about VIVID Gleam Glitter Cremes?

Vivid Glitters are the brain child of Floridian, Jackie Howe, who distributes VIVID Glitters around the world. Jackie has been blending and packaging glitter for years, and has an eye for great color combinations and formulating to also create glitter gels and cremes. She takes care in choosing safe ingredients and skin safe polyester glitters. She does not use craft glitter, which can scratch and damage the eye. Still, getting glitter in your eye isn't fun, so make sure to take care when using it on your clients and keep it out of the immediate eye area.

VIVID Glitter is a cosmetic grade polyester based product that is made in the USA! This glitter is NOT recommended for use around the immediate eye area to prevent large glitter particles from entering the eye. Take extra caution applying to young children who may touch their designs and move glitter too close to their eyes.

Polyester Glitter in varied shapes and size. Glitter Creme Contains: Polyethylene Terephthatlate, Polyurethane-33, Colorant, triglyceride, coconut oil, octyldodecanol, ozokerite wax (paraffin wax), polyisobutene, castor oil, microcrystalline wax, synthetic wax, dl alpha tocopherol. May contain Polymethyl Methacrylate, Aluminum, Polylactic Acid.  Distributed by VIVID FACE and BODY ART Orlando Florida, 32829 USA Net Wt. 10gr per jar.









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