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What Kind of Product is This?
The Wonderband Systems™ Organizer was created by Tyler Green. It provides hands-free convenience, with customizable and interchangeable parts. This system allows you to insert, store and remove your tools on the go. Click this link to watch the Wonderband Video that we made.

How can I use it?
Simply slide one or more Grippers onto the wristband and attach the desired tools. Grippers can be placed onto a flat surface for easy organization and to prevent tools from rolling off surfaces. Grippers can also be used to air dry tools. If you just want to use the grippers to prevent your brushes from rolling down your table while laying flat just attach a gripper to your brush and use it as usual. When you lay your brush on your table the gripper will prevent it from rolling out of your table.
We recommend for you to use this tool with short handle brushes like Bolt Brushes, Paradise Brushes, Cameleon Brushes or Tyler Green Brushes. The metal grippers will need to be adjusted to fit your brushes and is not guaranteed that all brushes will fit. To adjust the grippers simple put pressure on the opening to make it tighter, or spread the opening to make it wider. Since they are metal, firm pressure would be needed to adjust them.

What are the dimensions of this product?
The band is approximately 10" long and 1 1/4" wide. The grippers are approximately 2" long, three of them are 3/16" wide and three are 9/16" wide. When on, the maximum diameter for the band is around 3". If the diameter of your arm is bigger than that it likely won't fit. It can be adjusted to be as little as 2" in diameter while using all 6 grippers.

What is Included with this Kit?
Compact and portable storage case made from lightweight, stain resistant Neoprene.
Comfortable, latex-free, stretchy Neoprene wrist band.
Durable, adjustable, Spring Steel metal, tool-holding Grippers. 3 small for fine brushes*, pens or pencils. 3 large for medium to large brushes, markers or sculpting tools.
*brushes not included

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