Ybody -Washable Glitter Glue - 15ml Bottle #10

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by Art Factory | Product Code: YBG106

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Apply a thin layer of Ybody Washable Glue and dab off the access with a sponge or cloth until it becomes tacky. Apply glitters.
This is a water based adhesive with no solvents. It is safe to apply on the face (avoid the eye area) and can be easily washed with soap and water. This glue does not freeze! :)
Since it is a water base adhesive it takes a bit longer than regular body glue to dry, warm air will make it dry faster.
It will hold on to glitter for about a half a day if no rubbing.
Great for smaller kids whose parents want a glitter tattoo that can be washed at the end of the day.
Warning: for external use only. Must be used with adult supervision.
This is not good for gluing on gems.
Made in the USA.

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