How to Face Paint - Shopping Guide

At JestPaint we have created this easy to follow Shopping Guide so that you can find the right product for your needs. If you have any questions please feel free to call us at 269-459-1870 / 269-598-5436 or e-mail us at and we will answer any questions you might have. Also, don't forget to check our YouTube channel for hundreds of face painting video tutorials.


Fundamental Basic Face Painting Kit


Starting a Face Painting Business

In this case what you need is a professional starting kit that has the basic colors and tools to get you started. The minimum we would suggest for you to get is a pack of 12 round face painting sponges, 10 to 12 basic professional sized face painting colors, 2 face painting liner brushes and some face painting glitter. If you would like an even more complete starter kit, we recommend for you to buy the Dream Kit. That kit also has split cakes.

If you are looking for a smaller starter kit just to see if you really like it, you can start with one of our compact kits, like the Global Beginner's Face Painting Kit. That small kit is good to give you an idea, but will not give you the versatility you need to paint at several events since the color choices are very limited and they don't have a lot of paint.

Expanding my Face Painting Kit

If you are looking to expand your face painting kit so that you can offer more options to your customers without moving towards different kinds of body art, you could look into adding jewels or bling to your designs. You could also look into adding chunky glitter gels since they are very popular right now. If you have not tried using split cakes, this is for sure an area you would like to explore. Split Cakes allow you to create super colorful designs with just a few strokes of your face painting brush or sponge. Also, you could look into adding face painting powders for a softer look: Ben Nye Lumiere Powders are really amazing, they provide a soft, shimmery and colorful touch to your designs. StarBlends are better for when you are looking to cover large areas, and they are much more sweat resistant than regular face paints. If you would like to offer water resistant face painting you could look into buying some VIBE or ProAiir Hybrid liquid body paints. Last but not least, if you haven't yet tried using stencils, we suggest that you give them a try. They are great for creating textures or small cheek-art designs that otherwise can take a long time to reproduce. Face Painting Stencils will take your designs to the next level and help you get through your line faster.

Expanding my Face Painting Business

If you are looking to go beyond face and body painting and would like to expand your body art skills, we have a few ideas for you. You could look into Glitter Tattoos, they are fun to make and kids and adults love them. We have some great tutorials online on how to do them and you can learn in just one day! Here is a great Glitter Tattoo Starter Kit by The Art Factory, or, if you want something smaller just to start, you can take a look at this Glitter Tattoo Kit.

If you are not into glitter and would like to try something completely different, you could offer temporary faux henna art. We have a great product called Henna Lace that is perfect for older kids and adults. Henna Lace is water proof and can last anywhere from 1 to 7 days depending on care. Unlike traditional henna, Henna Lace does not need to be stored in the refrigerator and since it won't actually stain your skin, you can fix mistakes easily. It also comes in several colors which is perfect for situations like weddings where you can offer white henna like designs.

If you live in area with a lot of swimming pools, or by a natural water source (lake, sea, etc) you could look into offering water resistant face painting or temporary tattoos. You can do highly resistant temporary tattoos using ProAiir Inks or ENDURA liquid alcohol based body art paints. You can use the same stencils you use for glitter tattoos to create Colorini Ink temporary tattoos. You can use  ProAiir Hybrids or VIBE paints to create water resistant face paining designs.  

Last but not least, you could look into starting to offer balloon twisting services. This does require more practice and patience since it is a completely different trade. If you would like to give that a try, we recommend that you buy one small bag of balloons and a balloon pump and go to YouTube for easy to follow tutorials. This is a great way to earn extra money by staying at gigs longer to twist animal balloons for the kids. 

One time use for a Costume / Halloween

If all you need is some face paint or special effects products for a costume then you should look into getting the individual colors you need and a brush or sponge, or you can try one of our inexpensive character kits if you just need something quick and cheap. If you are looking for blood or latex you can check our Special FX category. If you don't know how to use water activated face paints and would rather use liquid paints, you can check our selection of Global Body Art Liquid Face Paints; you can apply them with a face painting sponge or a face painting brush depending on your needs. If you are working under theater lights, you might want to look into our selection of grease makeup or powder based makeup. If you  really want good quality makeup with a few color options then we recommend either this face painting kit by Mehron or this face painting kit by Global. They are both great, the main difference is just price and the kind of paint; the first one has more creamy and matte paint, the second one has a bolder less creamy kind of paint with really vibrant colors. If your costume needs to glow under a black light, then we suggest for you get either these water activated neon paints or these liquid fluorescent paints. If what you need is a water resistant or very sweat resistant product, then you should consider using ProAiir Hybrid liquid paints and a face painting sponge or a face painting brush.

Face Painting at a Fundraiser / Carnival / School Project

For these kind of one time events, we usually recommend a small face painting kit that has all of the essential elements. Keep in mind that because most of these kits are fairly small, they can not be used by more than two people at the same time; so, if you expect to have more than two painters/volunteers doing the face painting, you might need to buy more than one kit. This Global beginner face painting kit is great for these situations. You could also go with a kit like the Global Body Art Carnival Face Painting Kit and add a pack of face painting sponges, a flat face painting brush, a line work face painting brush and some glitter.

A Gift for Someone To Play With (not for professional use)

If all you need is a small inexpensive face painting kit for someone to play around with, the best option is this face painting kit by Ruby Red. It is a very affordable option, without sacrificing safety. Ruby Red face paints are manufactured in the USA using high quality FDA compliant cosmetic grade ingredients, and they are hypoallergenic (as most brands we sell are). Although these paints don't have the vibrancy of brands like Global Body Art, and the brushes are not nearly as good for line work as our other Professional face painting brushes, the kit will provide hours of fun to a a kid that just wants to play around.

A Gift to an Aspiring Artist

If someone you know has shown interest in face painting and you would like to gift them a small face painting kit that will encourage them to give it a try, we would suggest for you to consider purchasing a small kit from one of our professional face painting brands. There are more inexpensive options, but the color and opacity of a professional brand will encourage artists since the results will look a lot better. This Global beginner face painting kit is great for these situations. You could also go with a kit like the Global Body Art Carnival Face Painting Kit and add a pack of face painting sponges, a flat face painting brush, a line work face painting brush and some glitter.

A Gift to a Professional Face Painter

If someone you know is a professional face painter and you want to send them a gift, the easiest way to go about is to gift them a gift card to our face paint store. This will allow them to choose the products that they really need for their kit. Since all of our Gift Cards are electronic, they will receive an email instantly with the information to place the order. Otherwise, you can enter your email and print the Gift Certificate at home to be given to them when needed.

If you really want to give them something other than a gift card, we can suggest for you to gift them our very popular Global Fun Stroke Palettes. They are one of our best selling items and most professional face painters enjoy having them in their kit. Even if they already have one, they will need a replacement one once the one they have is finished. You can't go wrong here, they look amazing. Look for the words Global Fun Stroke palettes on this link and choose the one you like the most.

Something Else

If we have not covered your needs with this shopping guide, or you still have questions, please feel free to call us at 269-459-1870 / 269-598-5436 or e-mail us at and we will answer any questions you might have. Also, don't forget to check our YouTube channel for hundreds of face painting video tutorials.

Have fun shopping and don't forget to check our Coupons and Sales page and our Blow Out Sale page for some extra amazing deals!

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And soon we will have ones by Kryolan!

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