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Silly Farm Supplies was started in the 90s by Marcela Murad. What started as a place to buy professional face painting supplies has now evolved into a business that has created and owns several famous brands of Face painting related products: Arty Cakes, Rainbow Cakes, FAB Face Paints, Mama Clown Glitter, Paint Pal Brushes and Sponges and more.

Silly Farm Supplies

Silly Farm is now owned by Heather Green and along with her creative team they continue to bring new products to the market.

Jest Paint has made it a point to stock the best face and body art related products in the market, and Silly farm Supplies products could not be left out.

Below is a list of the Silly Farm Supplies face and body painting products we currently sell at JestPaint along with a brief description of each and every one of them.

Mama Clown Glitter

Probably one of the first lines of products created by Silly Farm, Mama Clown glitters offer a great selection of cosmetic grade glitters designed for face and body artists. 

Mama Clown Glitter

All Mama Clown glitters are made from polyester and cut in a hexagon shape to protect the eye. Mama Clown fine glitter is absolutely gorgeous and if you have not tried it yet you should give it a try now!


Silly Farm Arty Cakes

Silly Farm Arty Cakes were a creation of Rebecca from Arty Brush, a USA based face and body artist that came up with this idea after taking a workshop with Jodie Carr, another famous face and body artist. Rebecca introduced the idea to Silly Farm and they started mass producing them.

Arty Cakes by Silly Farm

Today, Silly Farm teams up with artists from around the world to help them create their own Arty Cake collection and offer them to anyone that wants to buy them.

These cakes are a great addition to your kit since they allow you to paint a lot of different colors with just one stroke of your brush, creating rainbow and gradient effects in just seconds!


Silly Farm Rainbow Cakes

Silly Farm Rainbow Cakes are an extension of the Arty brush cake line in bigger size! These cakes are huge and allow you to cover large parts of the face with multiple colors ate once using a face painting sponge.

Silly Farm Rainbow Cakes

Silly Farm Rainbow Cakes are mostly manufactured using FAB face paints (sometimes Kryolan or TAG Body Art face paints). Some cakes are designed by world renown artists while others are just face painting staple color combinations that every artists should have on their kit.

We invite you to browse our collection of Silly Farm Rainbow Cakes and choose the one you like the most (or a few!).

FAB Face and Body Paints

FAB face paints are a creation of Silly Farm and are manufactured by Superstar in the Netherlands. FAB face paints are soft and creamy but once they dry on the skin they are fairly smudge proof. FAB face paints are very intensive and have a huge selection of matte and shimmery colors, including some with glitter!


If you are looking for a soft face paint that will go on the skin smoothly without cracking and "providing you with an awesome coverage, then FAB face paints by Silly Farm are the ones you" need!

Anna and Santi have chosen the best colors from the hundreds of FAB colors available to offer our customers the best of the best! 

Paint Pal Brushes and Sponges by Silly Farm

Paint Pal sponges and brushes are a creation of Heather Green for Silly Farm. These brushes and sponges were specially designed with face painters in mind, meaning the bristle's material, the handle length, the sponge material, shape and size all were designed to work perfectly with face paints.

Paint Pal Brushes

At Jest Paint we carry the entire selection of Paint Pal brushes and sponges and we encourage you to get some and give them a try, we know you will love them!

We hope you have enjoyed learning about what Silly farm Supplies products Jest Paint has to offer and what are the main features of each of them. Browse our store to get familiar with these products and get the ones you like the most!

Don't forget to come back later for new blog posts, browse our blog for more information and subscribe to our newsletter using the link on our website's footer to stay up to date with sales and promos that will allow you to save on your Silly farm supplies products!

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