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Jest Paint happily ships around the world!

Thanks for checking out our store! If you are ordering from outside of the United States please read the important information below about payments and shipping.
Also read our general Shipping and Returns page before checking out. That page contains other important info that will apply to you.
Santiago speaks English, Spanish and Portuguese. We can use Google Translate if needed for other languages, so please don't hesitate to contact us in any language at info@jestpaint.com.


All product prices are in U.S. dollars. Jest Paint does not accept most foreign issued credit cards because of our security settings, but we do have some other payment
options below for international orders.

PayPal is the best option we currently have to process international orders. Please make sure that your Paypal account has a verified address.

Western Union
You can place an order and select Money Order as a payment method. We will contact you with the information that you need to send us the payment via Western Union. Once we receive the payment we will ship your order.

Canadian Credit Cards
We are able to accept some Canadian Credit Cards. This depends on the issuing bank and agreements between them and our payment processor. You can give it a try if you like.

American Express
Sometimes we have managed to process American Express cards issued directly by American Express (not by a foreign bank).


We mark customs forms accurately so that your package will be identified as “Merchandise” with the actual value of your products. We cannot make any exceptions to this.

Though most packages shipped overseas arrive with no issues, there are some risks with shipping internationally. Your package may get stuck at your customs department for longer than normal, you may be required to pay custom fees to pick up your package, and it may be difficult to track your package once it leaves the U.S.A.

The average shipping time for international orders is 8 days, though sometimes orders arrive in a week, while other times it can take 2 months or longer. Sometimes orders are rejected by customs and are sent back to us. Please take these risks in consideration. We do not issue refunds for shipping costs if a package is sent back to us by customs or the customer.

*Please check with your government to see if you will be responsible for any duties or fees once your package arrives to your country. Also check for any regulations related to the products we are shipping to you. You are responsible for knowing if the products are in compliance with your country's regulations, and we are not responsible for packages that get rejected because of a violation to your country's regulations.

Jest Paint LLC cannot be held responsible for the loss or damage to your order once it is sent out, so Express Mail International Shipping or the addition of Shipping Insurance is strongly advised.

We process orders generally within 24 hours with orders going out Monday-Friday (except for Holidays).

If you check out normally through our online store you will have the option to choose between E Packet First Class, Priority Mail International and Express Mail International. Read below about the difference between the three options.


*Priority Mail International

-Does not include shipping insurance for orders shipped with Priority Mail Envelopes, but you can buy insurance from our shop.

Insurance is cheap, and international orders are more likely to be lost or damaged, so we highly recommend it! We do not cover lost or damaged items.

-Does not include a tracking number to some countries. If you item gets stuck in customs or lost we will not be able to track it down once it leaves our Customs department.

-Faster delivery from the U.S.A to your countries customs department than Shipping First Class.

*Express Mail International
(The safest option)

-Includes up to $200 in USPS shipping insurance to cover lost or damaged merchandise.

- Additional insurance can be added to cover the total value of your order if you purchase the extra insurance on our site.

- Includes a tracking number to monitor the movements of your package from us to your door.

- Faster delivery from the U.S.A to your country than any other option we have available. Your Customs department may still hold your order, which could impact the delivery speed.

*First Class Shipping International (Usually the cheapest, yet the most risky option)

-Does not include a tracking number.

-Does not include shipping insurance.

-Usually the cheapest shipping option.

-Takes longer than all other shipping options.

- You can buy insurance from our shop.

Contact us if you have any other questions or special requests for shipping to make sure that you get your items as soon as possible.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read everything!
We hope you have a great experience at our store, and make a lot of people happy through your face painting talent!