Colorini by Ybody - Temporary Tattoo Ink for Body Art

Colorini is a family favorite at Jest Paint. Colorini temporary tattoo paint is waterproof so you can enjoy easy intricate designs even on hot summer days by the pool. Colorini inks are the best and safest way to create a temporary tattoo that last for days and days. This tattoo ink will dry in seconds so you can be sure the tattoo edge of the design will remain sharp and crisp. Mix in a little glitter while the paint is still wet to make your Colorini custom fake tattoos sparkle.

Make your own temporary tattoos with our free hand application kits and combine colors easily with a mixing palette. We carry classic colors and fun neons in addition to complete Colorini temporary tattoo paint sets so you have all the colors you need on hand to add a fun, personal touch to any tattoo or stencil.

Colorini is alcohol based and can be easily removed with rubbing alcohol. You can even add a dab of rubbing alcohol to your artwork to create fun watercolor effects. Each Colorini bottle can produce anywhere between 100-140 tattoos so add Colorini to your face painting kit today!

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