International Face Painting School - Olga's Professional Face Painting Kit

Olga Murasev, founder of the International Face Painting School, has shared all of her favorite face painting products with us so that you can find her special recommendations in one location. You can build a whole face painting kit if you are starting from scratch, or compare what is on this list with what you already have in your face painting kit, and pick up the essential items that you are missing. Just remember that many face painting brands have similar shades and formulations, so if the recommended item is out of stock, shop around or ask us for the closest match. The same goes with the face painting brushes, if a brush is not available, ask us and we will direct you to a similar quality brush. Olga has spent years trying out hundreds of face painting products and she is providing this list so that you don't have to spend extra money and take the extra time trying to find the perfect pink, red etc.  You can paint 100's faces with the face paints listed here. These products are organised with paints first, then glitter, stencils,brushes, and useful tools.

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