Halloween Face Painting Ideas - Top 25 Halloween Makeup Ideas For Children and Adult Costumes

halloween banner imageHalloween is coming, and some of you may want to be prepared! Are you looking for cool, funny, scary or beautiful Halloween Makeup Inspirations?! We put together a blog post where you can see a lot of Halloween face painting ideas on one page and learn about the products that you can use to create them! This post is designed for parents who want to paint their kids and teens and adults who want to paint themselves or a friend. Face painting has such an impact that you might find yourself winning a Halloween costume contest online or in real life! 

Fundamental Basic Face Painting Kit

Thank you to all of the incredible artists who allow us to post their images in our Jest Paint Blog posts! Your work is amazing!  Wishing you all a safe Halloween season!

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What are some pretty Halloween Makeup Ideas for Children and Adults?

The fastest way to look special on Halloween is to just accentuate your normal makeup. You can become a magical mermaid my using green and blues sparkling face paints for eye shadows and lipsticks, and then use a netting or mermaid scale stencil to add scales around the edges of your face. Superstar Shimmers and Fusion Pearls are some of my favorites! You can use eye shadows to press the color through the holes in the netting, or you can use face paints as well. Anything shimmery will give the best effect for scales! If you don’t have any netting, or want a more unique look, check out these cool mermaid scale stencils that you can use! Accent your beautiful Halloween Makeup with glitter and a sparkly dress. If you have the time, craft a mermaid tail, crown or seashell scepter to complete the look.

Mermaid Face Paint Jest Paint Step by Step Tutorial face paint

Mermaid face painting ideas makeup halloween

Unicorn's are so popular! Why not paint a beautiful unicorn face painting design using this easy tutorial? Use a rainbow cake for the hair and a TAP Unicorn Horn stencil to get a magical look! I used a part of a cake from Leanne's Vivid Rainbow Palette for this one. Check it out below the step-by-step design. The color combos are amazing!

unicorn face paint design

Here are some examples of Unicorn makeup created by face painters from around the world. You can use butterfly style wings over the eyes to create a butterfly unicorn mashup, and you can add flowers, swirls and teardrops, unicorn heads and manes, stars, gems, and rainbows to dress up your design!
unicorn ideas face painting makeup
Ice queens will remain the rage for years to come, and in general, princesses are one of the most popular Halloween costumes! Add some magical face paint to bring your little princess to life! Below is a step by step for an ice princess. You can change the colors to match the dress of Sleeping Beauty, Bell, Jasmine, the Frog Princesses and more and then just change the centerpiece from a snow flake to a heart, diamond, flower and so on. You can also use this design to inspire a fairy look!
I used a cake from Leanne's Happy Pixie Palette to paint this design for a cute Elsa crown, but you can also use a small blue gradient like Fusion Frozen Queen. Check out The Ultimate Frozen Face Painting Guide for more Ice Queen Ideas!


Frozen queen princess Face Paint Jest Paint Step by Step Tutorial face paint

Glitter Cremes can be applied on top of the face paint to add chunky icy looking shimmer! We have snowflake stencils to make your life a little easier too! 

Here are variations of different princesses created by some fantastic face painters who used creativity and color to personalize their princess looks! There are mermaid princesses, fairy princesses, peacock princesses and more!

Princess face painting ideas for girls halloween makeup


Sugar skulls are fun way to mix creepy with beauty during Halloween. These traditional skulls are referred to as Catrinas or Calaveras, and they are used during the day of the dead to help people laugh a little at death while people remember the loved ones who have passed away. Painting a sugar skull can be done by beginners if you have the right tools. You will need a good white face paint to create a smooth base. You can use a water based white face paint and set it with makeup sealer if you need to party all night long. Once you have applied a smooth base around your face, minus your eye sockets, you can start adding details.

Create dramatic eyes with pearly paints and paint flowers, flames, hearts, diamonds, butterflies or other elements using rainbow cakes. TheTropical Collection contains black light reactive colors that will glow or Rainbow Burst palettes by Fusion Body Art contains gorgeous regular colors that will quickly make your sugar skull come to life! A fine brush and black face paint can be used for swirls and twirls along the jawbone and forehead to tie everything together. Finish off your design with painted or jewel teeth, glitter, and a fancy floral head piece or scarf.

Here is a simple step by step of a Sugar Skull to inspire you.

Sugar skull Face Paint Jest Paint Step by Step Tutorial face paint

Here are some examples of gorgeous sugar skulls painted by professional face painters. If you want, you can always search for a local makeup artist to help make your Halloween costume come alive! They have all of the tools needed,and the experience to paint something incredible in a short amount of time. sugar skull catrina makeup face paint halloween makeup

I painted the sugar skull below using Leanne's Butterfly Palette by Fusion Body Art. Making sure the line work flows around the eye and the jaw line will give a lot of beautiful movement to the sugar skull design and help shape the skull face. 

Annas Sugar Skulla Make up on Oceana Massano

Being a Beautiful Butterfly is a dream of a lot of kids and adults! You could paint a realistic set of butterfly wings over your eyes, or go wild and paint a super bold rainbow butterfly with stylized line work. Below is a fast butterfly design using a rainbow cake and a sponge. I try to keep the wings on the cheeks small to keep the focus on the eyes and not the cheeks, but you can paint your butterfly anyway that you want!

face paint step by step tutorial face paint classes butterfly

Below are some beautiful butterflies painted by makeup artists from around the world. Notice how different they can look depending on the style of line work you choose, the colors, and the extra details you can add!butterfly face paint make up designs halloween

Peacock Inspiration is a glamorous way to take on Halloween. Choose shimmery peacock colored face paints for a peacock style rainbow cake and let your feathers fly! You can try to paint individual feathers going around the face or just use the colors to cover your face like a mask and add fine wispy shag around the edges. Use fake eyelashes to take your look to the next level. If you have a real peacock feather you can even glue it to the center of the face with body glue or eye lash glue. Add gems and glitter to make sure that you catch everyone’s eye.Anna Peacock Face Painting Design

peacock body painting 

What are some Scary Halloween Makeup Up designs for boys and girls? 

Zombies are always a hit at any Halloween party! Who doesn’t love someone dragging their leg around and groaning “Brains!”.  With the Walking Dead creating even more demand for zombie Halloween makeup, Mehron teamed up with Resident Evil and designed this professional Zombie Special FX kit so that you create realistic zombie looks! This kit has all of the special fx materials you need to be a peeling oozing zombie! If you want to paint a zombie just using face paint start with a white base and sink in the cheekbones, eye sockets, forehead and jawline with a lightly loaded blender brush with face paint.

face paint step by step tutorial face paint zombie

You can paint pop art zombies that are bright neon colors too, or ones inspired by Plant's Versus Zombies! The following step by step will help get you started.  There is no limit to the amount of blood, maggots and torn flesh you can add if you really want to scare someone. Check out the examples of zombies submitted by face painters below! 

zombie face paint makeupA lot of kids, adults and teens are inspired by both the pretty and creepy vampires out there on TV shows and cartoons! White based faces with some shading to make the cheekbones pop, and painted on fangs is an easy start for traditional vampires. Many cartoons, like Monster High Dolls and Vampirina have alternative skin tones like pink and purple. Add exaggerated eyebrows, black or colorful eye shadow and accessorize with bat wings for pig tails or funky hair streaks. You can add fake blood dripping from your fangs if you want to add some scare factor to you Halloween Vampire look. 

face paint step by step tutorial face paint vampire

Witches have been a classic Halloween choice for decades. Fantasy style witches from movies, like the Wicked Witch of the West usually have green skin, but not all witches are green. Think of Glinda the Good Witch, or the witches from TV shows like Charmed or Sabrina the Teenage Witch or even the witch from Game of Thrones. You can paint on a colorful base or just stick to pale white or flesh tone with some edgy eye shadow, shaded cheekbones, bold colored lips and an outfit to match. Check out this easy face paint step by step for a fun green witch!

face paint step by step tutorial face paint witch

Stranger Things is another super popular show. You can easily become Eleven by just adding a little Mehron Coagulated fake blood to the base of a nostril or two and let it drip. You can wear a Stranger Things T-Shirt and possibly shave your head if you want to drive the idea home!

Mehron blood gelblood splat

You can paint all kids of skulls! Skulls with flames, skulls with cracks, skulls with spider webs, skulls with horns. Here is a basic skull design that you can work off of. You can change the proportions of the forehead, eye sockets, jaw bone and more to make it work for you! 

skull face paint step by step jest paint

Anglie linares skull face painting
This amazing skull was painted by Angie Linares!

Let’s not forget the Dinosaurs!! Kids love them so much, and they make awesome Halloween costumes. With a face paint design like this your child could go walking about in regular clothes or a favorite dino themed t-shirt, and still get a lot of attention. I searched for a raptor and found a nice image to try to replicate with face paint. Get creative with colors and you can use scale stencils to add textures too!

 Face paint classes step by step tutorial demo dinosaur raptor t rex

Here are some dino ideas from other makeup artists! Look at all of the ways you could make someones dinosaur dream come true!

dinosuar face painting ideas halloween makeup dino

 How do I Face Paint Spider Man and other Super Heroes?

Halloween is my favorite time of the year. Kids and adults join in on the fun and face paint helps pull everything together. Plastic or fabric masks can distort or block your vision and they can get really hot really fast. Face painting is a perfect alternative to a store bought mask, and you can use your face paints to paint endless designs for you, your family or your friends. - Anna Wilinski Jest Paint Co -Owner

Superheroes are never in short supply on Halloween! Spider-man has been of the most popular costumes after the witch, with more than 2 million kids dressing up as the web-slinger for Halloween. Get creative with your spider-man design. Show you child all of the options by doing a google search of spider-man face paint, and show them the options here as well. You might be surprised that they might be happy with just a half face. Avoiding the mouth area will ensure a good looking design while you child eats up all of the snacks at the Halloween party.

 Spiderman isn't just for the boys! Girls love to get transformed as well. There are many instances in the comic books where a female spider man inspired character comes out to save the day!

Check out these examples from other artists below fun web slinging ideas!

face paint step by step tutorial face paint spider man webHere are some more examples from other artists of how to add the spider man look without copying the designs exactly. Get creative and have fun!

Spidy face painting spider man face paint makeup halloween 

spider man face painting Here is another Spidey step by step that any kid would love! spiderman spider girl face paint step by step

This amazing Hero Power Palette by Onalee Rivera uses Fusion color combos to create fantastic superheroes! Onalee gave us permission to share some of her awesome designs, some done with the Hero Power Palette. Check out her incredible work below.

Onalee River super heroes face paint hero power palette